Friday, 18 December 2015

Althea Haul

So.... didn't expect myself to be blogging about beauty products but LOOK WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY! 

I'm not usually into beauty products but I stumbled upon Althea's website and it was so pretty I felt like buying everything 😭

Not to mention they are having Christmas promotions now and the products will be packed up in a Christmas themed box!! The excitement is too real I'm not even kidding. 

So pretty I couldn't bare to open it and it even says Merry Christmas in the front! How polite is that!! Excuse my exclamation marks, I just have to emphasize how cute the whole thing is T_T

I got 11 items for RM260. Ok la not THAT cheap but still! The total divided by 11 items is about RM23+ so okay right slightly above RM20 for one product... *tries to justify the money spent* 

Erm yeah I got two boxes 😂 (but they only gave me ONE sample wtf after spending so much my inner kiasu expected one whole stack of free masks). couldn't help myself... After getting my first box I saw so many more products I wanted to get so ordered again T_T Plus, there's an ongoing lucky draw now, first prize wins a trip to Korea!! One box one ticket so of course need to get two la need to increase the odds!! #kiasu101

Can't wait to test them out and see if I can get skin as smooth as Korean superstars wtf